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Hind Di Chaddar


Black clouds reverberated, whirlpool of storm took a ferocious turn when GURUJI’s severed head was being carried away by a devoted Sikh to Anandpur Sahib, as he was executed on the orders of the sixth Mughal Emperor. The Martyrdom was no small happening. It was something of immense…

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Terrace Gardens

Terrace Garden or a small kitchen garden in your balcony can ward off heat. Consider creating kitchen garden in your balconies or terraces!


Xeriscaping can be used efficiently to conserve Water & give a greener look to your House

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Colonize Space as with increasing Population the Human Civilization needs More and More Resources!

Astronomy, Cosmology & Astrophysics

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Life Cycle of Our Universe - Updated(PDF) - Not For Sale, Only Reference

The Grand DesignPayTM

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Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow-The Grand Design(Password Protected PDF)



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Brief Answers and the Big Questions(Available in Spiral Bound/pdf)